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Welcome to Corner Street – the home of a new easterly publishing venture. Based in the heart of Suffolk, Corner Street aim to produce quality and creative publications, celebrating East Anglian heritage and literature.


Our second publication is Right Up Your Street & Spread a Little Kirkleyness, an illustrated edition of the two poems celebrated North and South Lowestoft by Dean Parkin.

The poems were commissioned by the Lowestoft Heritage Action Zones and memories and stories about the two areas were gathered by posting archive photographs on local pages on Facebook. Dean's job was to create and assemble the jigsaws. The two poems capture the character and independent nature of these separate parts of town, past and present, and celebrates the shops and shopkeepers and the local heritage.

The book also contains thirty rare archive photographs of the town, many from the brilliant collections of Bert Collyer and Jack Rose. Right Up Your Street & Spread a Little Kirkleyness will be launched on 19 September 2021 at Christ Church Halls in Lowestoft as part of the Heritage Open Days events.

Our very first publication was the comprehesively revised and extended, newly illustrated and redesigned edition of The Grit: The Story of Lowestoft's Beach Village by Dean Parkin and Jack Rose.


This bestselling local history classic, telling the story of Lowestoft’s lost fishing village, had been out of print for nearly 20 years. The long-awaited new edition of The Grit features 250 photographs, extra interviews and an additional chapter updating the story.

Outstanding Lowestoft artist Paula White has contributed the evocative cover and chapter illustrations and the book has been re-imagined by design agency Silk Pearce.

The book was launched on 21 September 2019 at Christ Church Halls in Lowestoft as part of the Heritage Open Days events.

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